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Update August 2019

July was a busy month for the CoinJanitor project and we want to give you...

CoinJanitor Is Now Listed On Token.Store Exchange

In an effort to find additional markets for a growing community, CoinJanitor’s team sought to...

Deadcoin Dev Spreads FUD About CoinJanitor

Unfortunately, there are too many scammers lurking around, using cryptocurrency to their advantage. It is...

We’ve Completed Our First Buyout

Mission Accomplished: Globycoin Is CoinJanitor’s First Buyout After numerous conversations with a myriad of developers,...

Difference Between Shitcoins and Deadcoins in Cryptocurrency

What Are Shitcoins And Why The Term Is Useless? People who are well acquainted with...

Tokens Not Moving

A Pledge From The CoinJanitor Team Progress on our project has been slower than expected....

No. of Coins by Trade Volume

Most coins that exist cannot be traded. Some were even abandoned, leaving users out of the market altogether.

  • Abandoned coins
  • Coins with $1M+ daily trade volume
  • Coins with less that $1M daily trade volume
  • Coins that are not listed

No. of Coins by Market Cap

Wealth is concentrated mainly on coins with market caps of $1 billion USD or more, but there are thousands of users on coins that have market caps lower than $50,000 USD. We are looking to welcome all those users into the CoinJanitor community.

  • No. of coins by individual market cap
  • Total market cap by segment

Our Team

Marc Kenigsberg
Marc Kenigsberg

Been messing around with Bitcoin, now Ready to clean upRead More

Asaf Yosifov
Asaf Yosifov

I am more than happy to be part of aRead More

Tzahi Kanza
Tzahi Kanza
Biz Dev

Coin Janitor for me is a revolutionary ambitious idea withRead More

Tzvi Shishler
Tzvi Shishler

Been messing around with Bitcoin, now Ready to clean upRead More

Theo Morgan-Somers
Theo Morgan-Somers

I’m humbled to give back and help build the CryptoRead More

Steven Gleiser
Steven Gleiser
Economic Architect

Cryptocurrency market analyst who knows that there are gems hiddenRead More

CoinJanitor Token Distribution

Our sale aims to be inclusive, while allowing us to keep a reserve that will allow us to achieve our goals. Here is how we will distribute CoinJanitor tokens following the sale:

*Team member tokens will be frozen until 2019.