More Markets to Get CoinJanitor JAN Tokens

CoinJanitor Now Listed On SouthXchange And Vertex

Since we started looking for exchanges to list on, we have been getting a lot of messages from the community about their preferences. After striking a partnership with AZExchange, our staff kept on looking for additional options.

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CoinJanitor Partners with AZExchange

Why Did CoinJanitor Forge A Partnership With AZExchange?

After looking at the issue of listing for quite a while, we have decided to forge a partnership with AZExchange. This may come as a surprise to many, but those who have read our white paper and understand the nature of our project as a community backed effort to clean up the space, will be able to see the value in choosing AZExchange. Nevertheless, we do owe the community a deeper explanation about why we forged a partnership with AZExchange.

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August Update

Since we wrapped up our funding stage, we have been busy building upon our data, contacting dead coin devs and taking a deeper look into some coins that we have on our lists. The challenge ahead is to properly filter all the data we have, present it in a way in which it will lead to action and understand how to contact the devs or other salient members of those dead coin communities to start negotiating our buy outs.

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Thank You For Supporting the CoinJanitor Project

Cleaning up the crypto space is a task that few have thought about and not many see as necessary. In this environment, it is extremely challenging to plan, design and launch a mechanism that can clean dead coin projects up and restore that value to the markets. Theoretically, it can be done, and since not a lot of people think it is needed, finding enough supporters to see this theoretical concept become a practical part of the space, is not easy. This is why we are especially grateful to everyone who decided to support this project through their contributions.

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CoinJanitor Ranked 5th At iCoin Summit!

The weather in Cyprus on May 9th and 10th was superb. It was warm outside, and the most perfect Mediterranean sun showered the tourists who were there for leisure. Of course, the CoinJanitor crew was there to work hard in a blazing hot environment, duking it out with another 73 ICOs for a chance to win the ICO Battle at the iCoin Summit. The battle was epic, and in the end, CoinJanitor came in fifth out of 74 participants. A great result that CoinJanitor’s CEO, Marc Kenigsberg competed fiercely for.

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CoinJanitor and Join Forces to Clean Up Crypto

When coins die, CoinJanitor cleans them up and now it will do so with the assistance of, the most comprehensive data source on dead coins. and have partnered up to clean up crypto together. Cooperation between the parties will allow both to complement each other, enhance their processes and accelerate the market clean up process. This partnership also brings more opportunities for both CoinJanitor and in terms of enhancing their community-led efforts, refining their products and fostering an ecosystem that has the potential to change the way the space works.

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A Scarce Buy-Out Resource

Many people take a look at the CoinJanitor project and start asking themselves how will this project “make money”? Our answer to this question is that our aim is to clean up crypto by taking care of dead coins. Following that statement, some might lose interest in the project, because they see it as a coin that can only benefit holders of dead coins.

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What Would Happen If CoinJanitor’s Reserve To Buy Dead Coins Runs Out?

One of our followers on Twitter asked us “What will you do when all of the ‘tokens to buy failed coins’ are used up? Is that the end of CoinJanitor’s capacity to clean up?” This is a very important question for us to address, and we would like to approach it from 3 different perspectives: economically, operationally and regarding CoinJanitor’s future developments.

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Did You know There Are More Than 4,500 Cryptocurrencies Already?

more than 4500 cryptocurrencies

Just a little over 9 years ago, the first Bitcoin was mined. The world was busy with one of the most
gruesome economic meltdowns in history, so it took us years to discover the invention that turned into
the frenzy of the century. Now, almost 10 years after Satoshi Nakamoto published his white paper, the
asset that just a few people in a closely-knit mailing list knew about, spawned an explosion of digital
assets that no one would have been able to foresee.

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