What Would Happen If CoinJanitor’s Reserve To Buy Dead Coins Runs Out?

One of our followers on Twitter asked us “What will you do when all of the ‘tokens to buy failed coins’ are used up? Is that the end of CoinJanitor’s capacity to clean up?” This is a very important question for us to address, and we would like to approach it from 3 different perspectives: economically, operationally and regarding CoinJanitor’s future developments.

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Did You know There Are More Than 4,500 Cryptocurrencies Already?

more than 4500 cryptocurrencies

Just a little over 9 years ago, the first Bitcoin was mined. The world was busy with one of the most
gruesome economic meltdowns in history, so it took us years to discover the invention that turned into
the frenzy of the century. Now, almost 10 years after Satoshi Nakamoto published his white paper, the
asset that just a few people in a closely-knit mailing list knew about, spawned an explosion of digital
assets that no one would have been able to foresee.

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The Economy Always Needs A Janitor!

Step into any office building, school, government office or even residential buildings, and you will find a janitor. The janitor takes care of all the small things the building needs to run, keeping it clean and tidy. Most of us never notice the janitor; unless we have an issue, we don’t interact with them. Nevertheless, once a pipe bursts, a window cracks or there is a huge spill on the hallway we call the only person we know who can take care of the mess.

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