Meet the Team – Steven Gleiser

Based in Edmonton Canada, Steven Gleiser is a cryptocurrency analyst, specializing in economics. He is the Economic Architect of CoinJanitor. Steven first read about Bitcoin in 2013 and has been studying cryptocurrency markets since. He immersed himself completely in the space in 2015 when he first started working at Bitcoin Chaser. Steven holds a BA in Government, Diplomacy and Strategic Studies from the IDC, and an MGA focusing on International Economics, from U of T.

Steven is responsible for making the economics behind CoinJanitor work. This required a lot of token flow balancing and building a case for an economy based on cleaning up dead coins. He meticulously studied the incentives each actor would have within the CoinJanitor ecosystem to come up with the right formula to launch the project.

“The fact that dead coins were relegated to oblivion by the invisible hand of the market, doesn’t mean that they should remain forgotten, at the fringe. There is value in those coins, and the same market that relegated them to oblivion, has given us an opportunity to deal with these coins in a more efficient manner.”

Steven believes that there is a strong case for the community to take responsibility for the clean up of legitimate projects that didn’t work out. The key is to take a leading role in recycling the value that has been relegated to oblivion in the space, in a positive manner, engaging those who have their value trapped in dead coins and being a positive force for change.

Steven refrains from participating in social media, but he is keen to engage enthusiasts on CoinJanitor’s Telegram group, taking a leading role in managing the group and answering questions through that channel. He enjoys any kind of intellectual challenge and believes that one of the pillars of CoinJanitor’s success is to address any inquiry with the kind of intellectual rigor that can take the discussion about dead coins and the economics of cryptocurrency markets to the next level.

You can engage in a direct conversation with Steven through our Telegram channel or check out some of his posts about cryptocurrency markets, economics and the case for a project that can deliver benefits to everyone involved while it takes care of cleaning up the space.