Meet the Team – Tzvi Shishler

Based in Manchester, England, Tzvi Shishler is a South African marketing professional with a long tradition in the cryptocurrency space. Tzvi is an avid traveller, always looking to meet people in the space. He launched 4KingMedia, a successful marketing agency that focuses on providing marketing services for projects in the cryptocurrency space. As the CEO of 4KingMedia, Tzvi has been behind the marketing strategy of various ICOs and other initiatives in the space.

Tzvi started his career in the space as a marketing service provider for Bitcoin Chaser and other companies in the space, back in 2015. He was thunder-struck by the power of Bitcoin and the transformative nature of cryptocurrencies, so he decided to dedicate his career to the cryptocurrency space entirely.

“Cryptocurrency has the potential to change the lives of hundreds of millions of people around the world, but before we get there, we must show that we can take care of the space by cleaning up after ourselves to make the space more efficient.”

Tzvi believes in the power that the CoinJanitor project has, to clean up crypto and help the space flourish in a more efficient manner. His task is to convey this concept to as wide an audience as possible. Therefore, you might be able to catch Tzvi at blockchain and Bitcoin conferences around Europe. He is an active member of the community and loves to participate in these events, to share ideas face to face with others. For Tzvi, every conference is also a learning opportunity, and he actively engages cryptocurrency enthusiasts wherever he goes.

You can check out Tzvi’s Twitter account and engage with him through social media.