Meet The Team – Asaf Yosifov

Asaf Yosifov is in charge of managing software development for the CoinJanitor project from the tech side. With more than 17 years of experience in software development and architecture, Asaf has experience in several industries, including: telecoms, finance, gaming, education, travel and blockchain development. Based in Israel, Asaf has been managing distribute dev teams around the globe, focusing on complex projects and bespoke software solutions.

Asaf is always at the forefront of technology development. That is how he got into blockchain and cryptocurrency. As a founder and co-founder of several start-ups, once he started reading about cryptocurrency, he knew the next wave of transformative start-ups would likely come from this sector. With a disciplined approach to the development of smart contracts and other bespoke analytical tools, Asaf is in charge of solving all the technological challenges that CoinJanitor has to become a transformative project in the space.

“CoinJanitor is the first project to address the dead coin issue in the market. This is important from an economic point of view, but it will also allow us to develop technological tools that will be the first of their kind as well.”

As such, Asaf will be overseeing the development of APIs, crawlers, the CoinJanitor smart contract and other tools to make the project as efficient as it can be when it comes to analyzing troves of data on dead coin blockchains, organizing code repositories and developing new tools based on the data collected from those blockchains.
Together with the CoinJanitor team, Asaf will be in charge of making the project’s vision a reality insofar as software and tool development is concerned. You can follow Asaf on social media and engage with him on Telegram if you are interested in the details of what is under CoinJanitor’s hood. He will be more than happy to answer any tech-related question that has to do with how CoinJanitor will operate.

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