Meet The Team- Theo Morgan Somers

Theo journeyed down the rabbit hole of crypto nearly 3 years ago after previously being interested in economics and finance. He naturally began trading and investing along-side his academic studies before becoming CEO of fintech start-up CryptoBuild producing peer-to-peer trading platforms with a focus on UI/UX.


More recently his work has centered around developing thesis driven investment strategies with a focus on long-term cryptoasset valuations for both private and institutional investors.


Based in the UK, Theo is the founding partner at a (for now) private research group looking at cryptoassets with a perspective on global macro trends.


He believes that CoinJanitor is leading the way in helping make the cryptocurrency space more efficient and less wasteful and is happy to use his knowledge to help grow the discussion around CoinJanitor and in conceiving of a better way to manage failed ico projects.


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