Meet The Team – Tzahi Kanza

Tzahi Kanza is the CEO of Titanium technologies. He is a seasoned IT professional and business developer with extensive experience in the start-up scene in Israel, where he is based. Tzahi has 18 years of experience leading R&D and technology development processes, launching start-ups, engaging investors as a BizDev and has spent the last few years immersing himself in the world of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency markets.

Tzahi’s career has taken him around the world, where he has accumulated a wealth of experience managing distributed development teams. This experience has allowed him to get involved with ICOs and other blockchain-based development projects with clients around the world. Tzahi is also known as a highly regarded consultant in the space, always eager to achieve excellence.

“CoinJanitor brings huge value to its contributors first and foremost, but also to cryptocurrency markets, other blockchain projects, and to the whole community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts.”

He joined the CoinJanitor project early on, believing in its potential as a transformative project. Tzahi always emphasizes how the deployment of the JAN token and the activity needed to clean up dead coins is just the first step that the project must take to advance towards the next stages of development. As a seasoned BizDev and a successful start-up developer, Tzahi can already see how a project like CoinJanitor will have a bright future as a source for new tools within the cryptocurrency markets.

If you are curious about the ideas that Tzahi has for CoinJanitor in the future, you can engage in a conversation with him through our Telegram group. He is eager to share his vision with all community members.

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