Referral Campaign

CoinJanitor has launched a referral campaign so community members can earn big.

CoinJanitor is an ICO project focused on restoring lost value back into the Blockchain ecosystem through the destruction of dead coins. Word of our project is spreading almost as quickly as the innovation behind it, but we need your help to further the reach of our mission, help more people join the CoinJanitor community.

Our referral campaign is quite simple to set up and easy to begin enabling, users do not need to take part in our KYC to join, they just need a basic account. All you need for an account is your email and a password of preference then you’re one step closer to scoring big with CoinJanitor. From there, members can log into their account and make use of the above navigation panels to find the Referral section. Once users are within the referral sector, they can quickly select and copy the link within the “My Referral Link” tab. This referral link will be user-specific, so CoinJanitor can keep track of who you are bringing in and how much they are bringing you in, to adequately compensate users for making an effort to enlarge the CoinJanitor community further. Each referred contributor will earn your 5% of their total contribution; so the more members you get to join in on this innovation, the more you will get paid out.

This campaign is not country restricted so utilize as many of your friends as possible to profit from this opportunity properly, introduce them to CoinJanitor and allow them to benefit from this project. USA and Chinese participants are welcome to partake in the fun and find as many contributors as they can, start collecting your gains by helping people find their path to CoinJanitor today.

Now that you understand the straightforward way of starting; start referring CoinJanitor to coworkers and family alike as our fascinating project is live and leading the way to a better Blockchain.

Help us clean up the Blockchain ecosystem and ensure a better future for all within it.
Get your referral link as listed above and begin your journey with CoinJanitor, join in on the profits.